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How to make the most of a small bath

Author: Marv Shidler
Last updated: May 8, 2009

In the real world many bathrooms are so small that fitting in just the basic fixtures can be a challenge. If you are considering remodeling a small bathroom, there are techniques for squeezing more, or at least the appearance of more, space from a small area. Try these ideas:

  • Don't feel bound by standard sizes of cabinets or fixtures. More and more manufacturers are making fixtures specifically proportioned for small spaces. Custom-made cabinets, while costing more, can be made to your exact specifications making them well worth the higher price.
  • Most of the bottom 1/3 of wall space is filled with fixtures. Make wise use of the remaining space above. Consider recessed, open shelving for linen storage.
  • Keep colors light to visually push back the walls.
  • Provide plenty of light, direct and indirect. If possible open up an exterior wall by installing a large window, or better yet, install a skylight.
  • Use wall coverings with a minimal pattern to avoid breaking walls into small, busy segments.
  • For shower enclosures, use clear glass in thin frames to keep a sense of unobstructed space.
  • Use glass block for room dividers instead of a wall. Install a patterned floor covering on the diagonal to give the sense of pushing back the walls.
  • Cover the wall above the vanity with one large mirror and recess medicine cabinets into the side walls.

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