Our Specialty
Providing personal guidance through the intricacies of the remodeling process,
from beginning to end.

Our Procedure

Step 1

In-home visit and consultation (complimentary).

  • Work to begin developing a rapport by attentively listening to understand project goals and objectives.
  • Discussion of expectations in terms of overall design, finishes, and project timing.
  • Discussion of ball-park pricing and realistic budget guidelines.

Step 2

Preliminary Design and Feasibility Study (nominal fee based on complexity of project).

  • In-home visit by Marv Shidler and/or an architect or designer to take dimensions and get a more detailed concept of what you want.
  • Check for any zoning issues or restrictions.
  • Develop preliminary floor plans and 3-D elevation renderings.
  • Assign allowances to items or finishes critical to the budget.
  • Detailed breakdown of realistic costs and specifications, ie. materials, subcontractors, labor, and general contractor fee.
  • Time line development for completion
  • Outline of options.

Step 3

Plan the project (fixed price agreement)<

  • Provide complete drawings and a thorough fixed-price contract specifying brands, model numbers, colors, warranties, etc.

Step 4


  • Meet for pre-construction conference to insure that all parties are in agreement.
  • Agree on guidelines for managing the job site and work flow, for example, where to store job materials or precautions necessary to protect children or pets.

Step 5

During construction

  • Keep direct communication with you to assure that the project is achieving desired results.
  • Work to keep disruptions to your normal life to a minimum.
  • Handle any necessary change orders in writing, clearly stating all extra charges involved.

Step 6

After completion

  • Walk with you through the entire project, noting all details that need attention.
  • Work until all items on the punch list are completed.
  • Provide paid-in-full affidavits when necessary.
  • Stand solidly behind our warranty, returning promptly to fix anything defective.